Three Thoughts for Thursday






Although my head is full to bursting with a myriad of wildly important  glorified baloney observations I am anxious to share, life here in my little corner of the world continues to run away at breakneck speed.  I fully intend to replant my flag and reclaim my groove, even if it means slaying a dragon–or two.  But in the meanwhile I give you my Three thoughts for Thursday, for no reason other than that 3 is my favorite number.


1.) It is really really hard to limit eating sweets.

2.) How much longer can we honestly refer to ourselves as “A Civilized Society?”

3.) How do I get there from here?


Oh, hey, but before I turn out the light, have any runaway thoughts you’d like to share? Please do 😀







13 thoughts on “Three Thoughts for Thursday

  1. First, three comments:
    1) Yes, yes it is. It’s especially true of really good chocolate.
    2) I don’t think we ever were.
    3) One step at a time.

    Now, three thoughts:
    1) The first cup of coffee is always over too soon.
    2) Hawaii would like me to reschedule my suddenly postponed trip. (And I wholeheartedly concur.)
    3) Do bikini waxes hurt as much as I think they would?

  2. 1- no limits on sweets;in fact I think that is what has kept me alive for the past 2 yrs
    2- We have never been “a civilized society”
    3- your talking to the person who bought a house and didn’t know where it was or how to get to it; yes, it was my Stillwater house! Somehow I landed up in New Mexico; I have no clue how, nor do I want to know how I got here;all I do know is that I prefer the scenic route lol

  3. Barbara, you cute thing! Only you can write a few sentences and make an entire interesting blog from them! Three thoughts on your #1 above:

    1. Sweets and I have arm-wrestled since childhood.
    2. Sweets is not always a “sweet” opponent.
    3. This is huge…drum roll, please…recent blood tests showed that I metabolize sugar so well *the opposite of a diabetic* that the doctor, a heart surgeon, said to go ahead and eat a little sugar. He said, “It won’t hurt you.” Wahoo!!!! Sweets…you maniacal opponent, I won that round!

    Keep up the good work, Barbara!

  4. Honestly, but you’re about as charming as it’s possible for a person to get, Jodi! 😀
    All of which adds to my guilt as I admit how green I’m feeling over your number 3. I well know that even IF I did happen to metabolize sugar well, I still couldn’t be trusted to moderate. One slice becomes the whole cake, one nibble becomes ten hearty bites, one handful might as be an armload! You can just imagine how my heart gallops off into the rhelms of glee when Easter candy goes on sale at 75% off! (Peanut butter eggs, jellybeans, Cadbury eggs, Chocolate bunnies …)

  5. This is the first time I’ve popped in here, Barbara. Came over from a link Jodi posted for WANA1011. I LOVE your Three Thoughts – both the random thoughts themselves, and the idea itself. I might just steal it!

    • Hi Jennifer! Thank you for coming by. It’s always such a pleasure to welcome a new face 😀

      I am forever intrigued by the odd and random things that pop into our heads when the brain is rumbling on idle. It’s all so wonderfully bizarre. Definitely feel free to steal away. There’s plenty of random thought to go around 😀

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