Moving In Day


And so here I am, standing in this empty, echoing , room of my new place, wondering  just were to start as I mentally rearrange the furniture, unpack the knick knacks, and re-position the welcome mat.

Okay, so yeah, it’s a little intimidating, this whole relocation thing, but still, definitely exciting. And it’s not that I didn’t have a grand time batting around words at my previous address [my blog “Cover to Cover, tucked in on my website,]  but, it was starting to feel a little too crowded over there.  What’s more, I’m really liking the view from here, and it’s nice that I’ve already met some of the neighbors.

Well then, I’m off to tidy-up and start putting some stuff in order, but first a word of appreciation to Rebekah. Not only for recommending this fine spot of Real Estate, but also for so generously offering to drive me on over if I found I needed a ride 🙂