I tried hard to resist. Maybe it was loyalty, or nostalgia. Possibly childish stubbornness, or fondness for the weight of a book in my hand. Maybe it was a combination of all these things. Whatever the reasoning, when I received my Kindle as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, I didn’t take it out of the box for over a year. (True as it is pitiful, and wholly unexplainable. I have no defense , Your Honor.)

Well, I’ve definitely gotten over myself, and I have real honest and faithful love of the ability to download a book on a whim, oftentimes for free, special promo prices, in the dark, on a beach, riding a bike (not recommended, but doable), waiting in line at the P.O…  It’s a book lovers dream; an unending highway of books at once accessible with the minor exertion of a fingertip pressed to a magic key.

And yet, always in my heart lives an affection for what can only be found in a pulp and paper creation. Sure, I’m loving all the bells and whistles offered up by the New Kid on the Block, but even then, I could never forsake what will always be a lifetime commitment between me and the Book.  All ready lost touch with the magic of paper pages?  Click here and rember just how special it is:  Book