As I Was Saying …


Hum … well, actually, you see … I um …

Okay, so yeah, I don’t quite recall what I was saying. It’s been a long, long while since I last dropped in on my lovely little piece of internet real estate here, and that makes me sad. And a little bit ashamed.



I’m generally tougher than that. Am in fact a disciplined, regimented, list-making, task oriented being, and falling off the map is not my standard response when one of those *straight-to-the-gut* sucker punches catches me unawares. Yet this time around the blow was enough of a wallop to send me reeling through the Christmas holiday and straight into the New Year.


The thing is, getting one’s groove back is no easy task. Whether just returned from a three month trek through the Italian countryside gorging on cheese and salami and copious samplings of Vino (admittedly something I haven’t experienced outside of my head), awaking after months in a coma, or shaking off the dazed confusion of a hit-and-run assault by Life.  Make no mistake, it can be tricky.


It takes a fair amount of random fuel to rekindle the engine, narrow the focus, reset the brain’s GPS.  A matter of unleashing our brain doodles to roll out across an endless pasture where they can wrestle around while we’re trying to remember how to re-saddle the horse that’s dumped us on our bum.  Unchecked scribbles that keep our brains from knocking around in an empty room…


… is there any relevance in the fact that all of my favorite numbers are Odd?


Can I maybe actually really accept that invitation to jump on a plane to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? Dump the guilt of home-bound responsibility–claim it’s necessary research for the WIP though the setting of said novel is rural Maine … unless, right, a flashback. The original designer of flashbacks must have come up with this writers tactic after running away to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.


Breakfast for Dinner tonight.  Kiddies favorite meal when hubby is away on business and this is the last chance before the bird lands back in the nest tomorrow.


Politics suck.


Spanx: sausage casings for humans. The concept works, but the name makes me giggle. Great title: Spanx.  If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll adore Spanx.


Today is the day! I’m gonna reclaim my Mojo and jump back into the sadly neglected wholly abandoned WIP.  Not this instant, but soon. Once I’m done thinking …



Wowsa, there’s a lot of ellipses in here … I must really like them … see how nicely they fill the spaces in my head …


Just how long is a Cotton pickin’ minute? Is it longer or shorter than an ordinary minute?


Done with checking my RANKINGS, LIKES, REVIEWS on Amazon. No really. Done. Finished. What’s more idiotic than angsting over stuff I have little no control over

… wonder if it’s been three minutes yet?


Oh yeah, but there is that other book I read about on someone’s blog and wanted to check out.  Can’t recall the title just now …  but I’ll remember if I just poke around a little on Amazon. No, really, I’m only looking up that ONE book. Not going near my page. Just having a quick look at that other book that ISN’T mine.

Oh, wait!  Hold on.  Before I take off, how about you take a moment to drop a mindless scribble of your own right here. The floor is yours. What cha thinkin?


21 thoughts on “As I Was Saying …

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed you and your wit, Barbara! What a clever yet eloquent explanation for your absence. Next time I suffer a hit & run from life, I’m going to tell people I’ve been in Italy, too, tossing back the Vino and gorging on sausage, and then to the Paris boutiques to buy spanks because eating too much sausage made me look like a sausage. Ack!

    • Abundant thanks, Sherry! And how grateful I am that you didn’t add a “nit” to that “wit.”

      I won’t pretend I’m not a wee bit envious that I didn’t think to dash off to Paris for spanks in the midst of my in-my-head-adventure. It would’ve made all the difference in adding Cannolis and Sfogliatelle to my hit & run menu. Clearly you’re a girl who thinks on her feet when in her head 😀

  2. Resist the urge! RESIST THE URGE! Really, once you stop looking, your world opens up in relief. I stopped several years ago and oh but it feels so much better. My writing life feels better.

    Loved this post! and guess you’d guess my fave numbers are odd, too 😀

    • Oh, but what a wise and ever spot-on Kat you are! Just because we can look (and look some more) at the wizard working the cranks and gizmos behind the curtain really doesn’t mean we should. It spoils both the magic and the illusion for sure. I’m far more jolly and blissful when I resist the devil fanning the numbers–yet there are still those days when I fall off the wagon, bump my head, curse my weakness, and quietly creep back into recovery.

      YES! Definitely had you pegged for the odd numbers 😀

      • I have received letters telling me that there is all this discussion on book sites, like Amazon, about Sweetie’s ending – a few people have used the exact words: “they either love the ending or they hate the ending”– and while I am so curious as to what they are saying, I refuse to go look. I just won’t.

        And when a friend or colleague tells me they saw it, I tell them: “don’t tell me! I won’t go look!”


      • Precisely one of the things that makes you the Coolest of Scribblers! I’m learning, but it seems I feel inclined to be kicked around a little before common sense starts to sink it’s way in :-O

  3. A brilliant reentry. If your mind didn’t bump around like that, I’d be surprised. It’s what a creative brain does. I’ve missed you and hope that the difficulties that life threw at you have been quelled and that you can get back to whatever it is that you would like to be doing now. Like going to Mardi Gras. I’m thinking maybe my backstory also occurred there. 🙂

    • Love seeing you here, Sara. Being out of the loop has been all out painful — very much like wandering in the woods without a breadcrumb trail. Thank you most sincerely for your kind thoughts. Life is surely a ebb and tide kind’ve thing, and I’m feeling the joyful relief that comes whenever we finally pull out from the riptide.

      Hey, how cool would it be if our stories should happen to “bump scenes” in some strange backstory nirvana 😀

  4. Awesome post, Barbara! Making up what you’ve been doing is a super fun idea! I hope what really happened can take off on mardi gras. Ghere’s a great group board on Pinterest to promote your book. Are you on Pinterest?

    • Thanks so much, Catherine! I look forward to catching up with you.
      Yes, I’m actually a newbie over on Pinterest– cruising through and pinning madly. But that’s pretty much it. I have yet to figure out book promotions so would appreciate any tidbits you care to share. I’ll be sure to look you up next time I’m there 😀

  5. Musings the likes of which you’ve shared with us must have transpired on the creek bank while you sprawled on your tummy making circles in the water with your finger. Or were you hugging the hood of a 1936 LaFayette as it gobbled up the dirt road while sunshine and dust made you quite insane? Either way, you certainly entertained me! Welcome back, girlfriend!

    • Oh Jodi, but you are just too awesome! Your scenes are just the ones I’d want to crawl inside and stay awhile — so much so I’ve read your lines three times already! You must be a writer 😀

      Thanks so much for the warm welcome back to *Wana World!*

  6. Welcome back, Barbara! 2012 was quite the year, wasn’t it? It certainly was for me. I hope things have smoothed out a bit for you. So glad to read your random thoughts and have the chance to bounce around in your witty brain.

    And I HIGHLY encourage you to get on over to New Orleans. It’s one of my most favorite cities. Mardi Gras will be an absolute blast, I’m sure. Go. Make merry. Take photos. Cultivate backstories (as needed). Throw some beads. Dance. Sing. And come back with some fantastic stories to share with us. 🙂

    • 2012 is a perfect example of why odd numbers are better! Just seeing *2013* in print on a calendar makes me feel warm, fuzzy, and wildly optimistic about the things to come. Mostly, I love being back here with all of you 😀

      OH, YEAH! I definitely had you pegged as a Mardi Gras kind’ve girl! Your’s is a persona for celebration — shiny beads, singing, and dancing — all you! If I do manage to get to New Orleans, it’ll be with visions of Tami dancing in my head 😀 😀 😀

  7. Thank you, Kim! It’s a sad state of being when away from the Wana nest.

    Spanx! Too funny, right?! I kind’ve want to order some online and see if they arrive in a plain brown wrapper with no return address.

    Looking forward to catching up with you over at your place 😀

    • Hey, thank you, S 😀

      That “cotton pickin’ minute” question is one I’ve wrestled with my entire life. Considering that the general presentation goes something like, “Now, just hold on a cotton pickin’ minute,” it’s not especially decisive. Alas, another mystery for the ages :-O

    • Thank you, Ellen! I’m increasingly convinced that Thinking is greatly overrated, if only because Mindless is such a comfortable fit 😀
      And I very much appreciate your thoughtful words. Being out of the loop is a dreadful state of being!

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