Packing up my keyboard early this AM and heading over for a visit to one of my very favorite cyberspace hang-outs: PSYCHOLOGICAL SIZZLE, where I’m a guest of the uber fabulous and ever-entertaining, Queen of the Snarks, SHERRY ISAAC!

Sure hoping you have a chance to stop by, kick-off your shoes, and share a bit of chit-chat.  

Sherry has dedicated the entire month of November to my all time favorite super sleuth, NANCY DREW. Love it if you’d care to share your comments 😀



  1. Hey stranger!

    How are you!? I’m still around. I took some time off and wouldn’t you know it, right when I decided to go back to work full-swing, we decide to buy another house and move. Ugh…and right before Christmas! Why does this sound familiar?

    Part of my getting-back-to-work task list is to interview a couple of authors about their marketing experiences. Would you be interested? If so, below are the questions. You can answer via email, or we can do a Skype call or you can record your answers then send them to me. Then, I will let you determine whether or not you want those results published on my website or whether you prefer to remainanonymous(in case your publisher has provided a lousy marketing assistant and you don’t want to get caught trashing them).

    Hope all is well there. The holidays are approaching. Are you ready, and if so, would you mind coming to my house and decorating, baking, then moving it all to my new location? haha…didn’t think so!


    ~ Becky Gregory

    Interview Questions 1. When did you first know that you wanted to write a book? 2. Before you wrote a book did you know anything about how to market that book? 3. How helpful was your publisher when it came to marketing? What kind of services did they provide? 4. Did you hire anyone to do marketing and PR for you? If so, what kind of services did they provide? 5. Now that your book is published, how much time would you say you spend on marketing that book, per week? 6. Do you own your book’s title or your own name as a domain (for example:www.JohnDoe.comorwww.MobyDick.com)? Do you have a website for either? 7. Do you regularly blog from your own website? Do you know what the phrase, “writing dynamic content” means in relation to a blog? 8. Do you use any of the social media services and if so, which ones? Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? etc. and are any of these connected to each other so that your effort is streamlined? 9. Do you belong to any forums related to your industry? What is their purpose? 10. How successful have you been in obtaining reviews for your book? 11. Do you have an Author Bio on Amazon and if so, do you blog there regularly? 12. How would you rate your marketing results on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the optimum? 13. Did you find any one book or online resource that guided you through the entire process of writing a book right on through to marketing? If so, what or who was it? If not, do you wish you would have had such a resource? 14. Most authors I know have said they hate marketing. They admit they spend little, to almost no, time marketing. They don’t want to learn it but can’t afford to pay someone to do it, and ultimately they’d just rather write. Does this describe you? 15. Assuming you’ll publish another book, what would you do differently in regards to marketing?

    16. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being DeliriouslyHappy, 5 being Indifferent, and 1 being I’d Rather Have an Appendectomy, how would you say you feel about marketing your book?

    BeckHart Productions l Marketing & PR for Best Selling Technology Author, Peter H. Gregory l Latest books:CISSP Security Essentials |CISA Exam Guide|CISSP For Dummies


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