Aren’t you so EXCITED?!  Of course you are!  At least it certainly seems you ought to be, considering that when you skim the news feed on FB, stop by to read a blog post here and there as you cruise through cyberspace, noiselessly tip-toe through twitter, it’s pretty much everywhere. Excitement, and lots of it.  Can we really be this Excited so much of the time?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with you  to blow-up the balloons and toss the confetti in celebration of those occasions, announcements, and achievements of high excitement.  You’ve just gotten a new agent, your book is/will be published, you won the Nobel Prize? Absolutely that’s EXCITING stuff. In fact, pardon me while I dash off and bake you a cake …


In truth, it’s not the overabundant use of the word EXCITED that has me grousing, it’s the observation that maybe there’s far too much EXCITEMENT being tossed around, and quite possibly we’ve gotten a wee bit lazy with our word-ology.

Okay, so if you’ll hold your excitement for just a moment, I will make my point by serving up some suitable, and yes, EXCITING alternates courtesy of the every handy-dandy desk thesaurus:

EXCITE: inspire; upset, accelerate, agitate, amaze, anger, animate, annoy, arouse, astound, awaken, bother, chafe delight, disturb, electrify, elicit, energize, evoke, fire, fluster, foment (huh?) galvanize, goad, incite, induce, inflame, infuriate, instigate, intensify, irritate, jolt, kindle, madden, mock, move, offend, precipitate, provoke, rouse, start, stimulate, stir up, taunt, tease, thrill, titillate, vex, warm, worry …

Clearly, it’s nothing if not a thoroughly lazy exercise in word usage  to so often default to the generic EXCITED when we have such a diverse menu to choose from.


Over here in my little corner of the world, this first half of 2012 has seen more than a few truly exciting astounding milestones. 


1. Child #3 graduated with honors from Tulane University in New Orleans this past spring.

Aside from the “official requirement” that we pack up the jalopy and head off to one of my very favorite cities in order to attend said graduation, there is the deeply personal excitement fire of waving my third child off into the world with college degree in hand as she pursues her hearts desire. (Not to mention that by graduating with honors, I am assured that my darling girl did indeed resist the temptations of Bourbon Street and perpetual Mardi Gras well enough to open her books and work hard when necessary.) Certainly every parent thrills at such achievements in the lives of their children, but for those who, like me, carried their own Ivy League dreams straight from High School to enrollment at the University of Real Life, (although to my credit, I paid attention, studied hard, and did my homework along the way to earning a self-awarded doctorate) there mighty milestones elicit high levels of excitement animation.

2. Child #4 completed his Boy Scout Eagle Project this summer. Yes, absolutely the stuff that makes a mama proud, but there is something infinitely exciting stimulating in witnessing a 16 year old boy take a mighty step toward manhood by proving he is far more than an eating, sleeping, video game playing entity (cue Dr Frankenstein as his creature comes to life, “IT’S ALIVE!!!!”), by willingly shouldering the necessary design, planning, fund raising, labor, and responsibilities necessary to accomplish a mighty and highly ambitious project. In this case, by metamorphising a neglected Memorial plaque on a boulder dedicated to WW II veterans, into a beautiful memorial garden complete with archway, benches, brick walkway, flag pole, night-time lighting, and plantings. So yeah, this is one of those things that truly excites  inflames my pride receptors.

3. I am a shiny new Grandmother (or Mimi, if you happen to be Baby Sebastian.)!!!  Although I’ve only been wearing this newbie title for 4 days now, it fits quite nicely and feels especially comfy. To those of you who are grandmothers, have a grandmother, long to be a grandmother, I needn’t elaborate on how over-the-moon, EXCITED ANIMATED I am now, and will forever be.

4. Having weathered the accustomed angst, turmoil, and brain strain hairpulling, sulking, whining of writing, I now have a mostly official date penned on the calendar for the release of my latest novel, Asleep Without Dreaming. (September 18, 2012. Woo woo!) If you’re a writer, no elaboration necessary.  If you’re a reader, I hope pray, gnash teeth, cross fingers that you’ll consider climbing into your favorite comfy chair with my book and while away an afternoon. After mucho years of scribbling out these chapters, my EXCITEMENT supreme sense of electrification is near blinding.


What exactly does all this word-muddling prove, you ask?  Probably that EXCITE, EXCITING, EXCITED, are pretty good words.  Because, shoot, we really are  EXCITED! And for good reason. EXCITEMENT is a feel good, done good, bring on the parade, perfect fit of a word.  Accept no substitutes imitators that sound really awkward and stupid. I might be inflamed, animated, fired up and stimulated, but mostly I’m EXCITED, by golly! EXCITED, EXCITED!

EXCITED is life at it’s finest and nothing quite expresses it like good old tried-and-true EXCITED EXCITEMENT! 

So what’s got you Excited lately?  It’s fun to share, please do 😀

*Hoping you don’t mind my adding a fleeting dash of EXCITEMENT by announcing that my debut novel The Secret of Lies will be FREE on Kindle August 2 – August 3 in celebration of the near-release of Asleep Without Dreaming 😀


16 thoughts on “WHY SO EXCITED?

  1. That’s a fantastic series of events that you’re celebrating. I’d say congratulations are in order, but ‘congratulations’ almost gets tossed around like ‘excitement’. Maybe… Bravo!
    Good on ya!

    • Thank you, Liv! Although honestly, very often I feel like “Thank You” isn’t really a BIG enough word when I want to convey sincere appreciation. Nevertheless I mightily express my gratitude 😀

      And although it’s a perfectly good and meaningful word, you’re probably right about “Congratulations,” Hum … but, definitely “Bravo” has a strong assertive vibe, and I like that a lot. “Good on ya” is completely unfamiliar, so I’m definitely holding onto that one for future use, or at least until I wear it out.

  2. It’s all so very EXCITING! I’m really happy for all the good falling around you right now, Grams–(that label has got to be the best). You have a right to celebrate. You’ve got a good Thesaurus:D

    • Yes, yes, Cora, but these truly have been Exciting days–enough so that I have new-found appreciation of this oft used word. It’s like a favorite pair of shoes, well-worn but oh-so-comfy!

      Funny, but I’m loving the bejeebies out of my new baby grand, but still in that limbo of not quite feeling my Grams moniker. My youngest child is still at home and in school, and I think somewhere in my brain closet I thought there would be a “grace period” in between one life stage and the next. No matter, I adapt well and am all over my new title! (Which I really must cross-reference in my Thesaurus!)

      Thank you for visiting! Next time I’ll have cookies and fresh bread 😀

    • And a Hearty Big Bushel of appreciation coming at you, Janice! Far too often the bad news gets all the press and attention–though possibly that’s because it comes riding in with the destructive force of a tsunami–while good news lands closer to the back pages, despite the fact it generally arrives on the wings of great EXCITEMENT, and the taste is infinitely delectable.

      I am an eternal optimist and yet not at the expense of pretending away the truth that these thoroughly thrilling life moments are never guaranteed or assured. Thus I thank you most sincerely for sharing the joy, and really truly hope you enjoy The Secret of Lies

  3. You have a lot to celebrate! Yay you! So happy for you and your family. I just heard some very frustrating, disheartening news here at work and was feeling pretty low. And then saw the title of your post and thought, I’m gonna take a quick break and read about some GOOD news. I am so glad I did. I am EXCITED on your behalf. 🙂

    • As genuinely strike-up-the-brass-band happy I am to have you step-up here on my parade float, Tami, I do hate that you’ve obviously been walloped with less than exciting news yourself. I’m sure one of the biggest reasons I am so Excited to sing-from-the-mountain-tops these past few weeks is because there were so many stinkeroo moments piling-up not so long ago. Recent enough, in fact, that they haven’t yet slipped away into memory.

      How altogether selfless of you to come over to my party when things of the Exciting variety are surely furthest from you mind. And absolutely I’m ready to don my clown hat, party shoes, or best dress–depending on which is required, the moment the Excitement train (or certain British actor) arrives on your doorstep.

  4. I am so EXCITED to be here and to read your blog with EXCITED EXCITEMENT! and for your new grandma-ism I am so very especially EXCITED and EXCITED for your children’s successes and and — whew i’m exhausted now *laughing*

    but really, congratulations! *smiling*

    • Hey Holly, sincere thanks for the sparkly new award 😀 I have the perfect spot for it on my mantle. I have to tell you how uber EXCITED I am to be rubbing blog-shoulders with the mom of a SAINT! Ever since my daughter landed in New Orleans for school we’ve been BIG Saint fans. I can well imagine the absolute thrill your son’s accomplishment has landed on your heart. Yes, oh yes, we’ll be watching 😀

  5. I’m excited for you. Being a new grandma has to top the list. A new family member. How wonderful.

    Congratulations on all four counts and thank you for sharing your good news. Life is full of plenty of troubles. It’s lovely to share the joy, too!

    • Hi Lori 😀 No question, the arrival of my new Grand-baby surpasses every event for a bazillion miles. It’s pretty amazing how the smallest, newest person in the family is also the most powerful. At two weeks old he’s the top banana, regardless whether he’s awake or sleeping. Other grandmothers have told me that such begins a love affair like no other, and already I know this to wholly without exaggeration.

      Thank you, thank you for coming by and taking a moment to bask in the glow of my good news. From the corner of my eye I can see the “troubles” stealthily creeping up as they’re prone to do, but I’m thinking if I pretend not to notice then maybe they’ll stay away at least another day!

      • Being a grandma sounds terrific. I look forward it, but it won’t be anytime soon.

        I am glad to have found your site through Holly Michael’s link. I’ll drop by again soon.

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