A Peek Through the Keyhole…

The Versatile Blogger badge

Not so long ago I came across a ribbon I’d won a bazillion years ago on Field Day when I was in Jr High. It’s a yellow ribbon, which means I won FIFTH place competing in a sport that I obviously wasn’t very good at. I can only imagine I kept this not so impressive reminder because I love the color yellow. Or I’m a masochist.  Or maybe I thought if I kept it pressed in a book long enough it would eventually turn blue.  It didn’t.

I hope this means I’m not much of a sore loser. That while I might aspire for FIRST,  I can still appreciate FIFTH, (even as I hope that when we “go to the video tape” it will show that I actually won by a toe, and that fifth place straggler was just some limp-along wearing similar gym shorts.)

Winning isn’t essential, it isn’t the be-all-end-all, but still, it’s nice. Really nice.

Nice in a way that makes your cheeks glow, your eyes shine, and your head lift swell  when one of your VERY favorite bloggers nominates you for the coveted *Versatile Blogger Award*.  Uh hum, that would be correct. I’m talking about Elaine Smothers at Wonder in the Wild. If you haven’t been over to Elaine’s place, you must take the fastest train, plane, or automobile and get on over there. Or you can always  just click on the handy dandy link here 🙂  Because once you meet Elaine and Forrest you’ll want to pull up a chair and just stay a while.

I thank you, Elaine, most humbly and appreciatively for this Blue Ribbon Honor. Honestly, but my heart is shining– full to bursting.

And now for the fine print, as there are certain rules one must follow to accept the nomination.

  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog. Check
  • Select 15 blogs you follow and enjoy, and nominate them for the award. Ouch! Was that a brick wall I just hit?  Well this is definitely a glitch, since I happen to know from my position as one of the last kid lumbering onto the bus, that by now you’ve all beat me to the podium and been nominated and re-nominated. 
  • Share 7 random things about yourself. Ha! Got this one! I am the Queen of Random! Random is easy. (Though, making sense? Having a point? Not so much.)

1. As a teenager I was wildly, madly, passionately in love with Robert Redford. My good friend Tina gifted me with a FULL LENGTH poster of my golden heartthrob that hung on the wall across from my bed assuring his was the first and last face I saw every morning and night for YEARS.

And all is blissful and flowery for someone so willing to pretend crush, destroy, lock in the vault away the rather disturbing fact that this magnificent specimen is in reality THE VERY SAME AGE AS MY DAD!

2. I love clothes. Vintage, classic, funky bohemian…love my glad rags!  And I compulsively clean out my closets (Yes, that’s correct, multiple closets, since one clearly won’t do the job,) in order to keep my threads tidy and organized.  Occasional writers block even allows me time now and again to color coordinate said garments 😀

3. Despite having multiple collections of stuff: Depression glass, vintage clothes, old jewelry, garden sculpture, typewriters, pens, etc…. I HATE clutter and disorganization, which means continuous sorting, arranging, removal. (Yes, I know, “Sick minds….”)

4. My family doesn’t think I know that they have not so discreetly nicknamed me The Food Nazi.

I care deeply am obsessed with all the crappy worthless garbage being passed as nutrition on the grocery shelves and dished up in our homes.  That’s not so say I never eat a Hershey bar, but I have this idea that if I treat my body really well and fill with High Test Fuel on a regular basis, it will return the favor by hauling me around in relative comfort until “Day is done.”

5. Despite multiple knee-scraping, butt bruising, embarrassing crash and burn, dirt eating wipe-outs over a span of months, I can now cruise around on my in-line-skates without mishap. And this makes me happy. Really really happy. Not only because I have mostly conquered my anxiety of broken bones and road burn, but I’ve again verified to myself that I’m not a quitter very sensible.

6. I think Zombies are stupid.

7.  Even when it makes no logical sense to keep standing on the tracks when I see the train hurtling toward me at an alarming speed, I remain wildly optimistic and hopeful that it will derail before impact. Pessimism annoys me probably as much as I annoy most pessimists.

You may now sigh with relief that this ever fabulous nomination only requires 7 random facts about moi.  But now it’s your turn. Care to share your own random fact?  We’d all love a glimpse behind your shades. So kindly do share 😀

14 thoughts on “A Peek Through the Keyhole…

  1. Hey, Miss Optimist! Yeah, Barbara, I’m talkin’ to you. About that Fifth place win… you earned a ribbon that the hapless competitors trailing behind you in sixth place and onwards were not good enough to take from your grasp!

    And, you have earned your Versatile Blogger Award, so toot that horn!

    I despise clutter, too, which is a problem, when there are so many mementos I cherish. And clothes I might fit into one day. And souvenirs I want to display. And…

    • I somehow think there were only 5 runners in that race, and one had a broken leg…but hey, as an optimist, I appreciate your optimism 😀

      If only there was a way to have a bunch of cool stuff without the “C word” coming along to ruin it. I’m an organization-aholic, but that’s not to say it’s not painful. I’ve actually come up with a solution to having all my goodies and yet still keeping my environment tidy: a fifty room mansion!!! Imagine the possibilities. If only I could get hubby to buy my ideas as enthusiastically as I produce them.

  2. Oooh, you have more than one closet full of vintage-y clothes? Jealous! I hate clutter, too, but I do love finding those clothing gems in resale and vintage shops. The only thing I really collect these is books.

    I had a poster of Leif Garrett hanging in my bedroom for years when I was younger. I kissed it every night before I went to bed. When Leif and I broke up, his poster was replaced with Michael Jackson’s, though at the oh-so-mature age of 12, the smooching of posters stopped.

    I think you should get a first place ribbon for mastering your in-line skates! It would make a nice companion for your lovely yellow ribbon. 🙂

    • Cool beans, a fellow vintage collector! Of course that means I won’t have to explain how I feel pretty much FORCED to add to my collection when I find the perfect something in great condition with a low price tag. What fool would walk away from such treasures! (My biggest prize, you ask? A 1920’s red flapper dress with stunning bead work for *insert drum roll here” TWO DOLLARS!!!!)

      Lol, my sister had a Donny Osmond poster that she presented with a nightly kiss. Later, when she traded him in for David Cassidy, I was happy that she, too, had matured beyond paper kisses and was instead content to lust with her eyes 😀

      Now that I can go out skating and not come home looking like roadkill, I admit to feeling blue ribbon worthy–if only in my head!

  3. Hooray for #6! My husband and stepson are obsessed with zombies, even going so far as planning escape routes when we go places- noticing which buildings are the most zombie proof. Sheesh!

    • So familiar…so sadly familiar. And of course there is all the necessary reading; Zombie hunting, Zombie spotting, preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse…NUTS! Unlike Vampires and Werewolves, there is nothing whatsoever that is cool about Zombies. Not to mention that all that flesh eating business seems really unsanitary.

  4. Thank you for your gracious words; the ones that “make your cheeks glow, your eyes shine, and your head lift.” I’ve hit a brick wall lately and have been seeing stars (or maybe it’s those floater things you see when your eyes start to go)? Either way, Forrest and I thank you for your kindness. 😀

    I’m in total jaw-dropping awe of your in-line skating skills! If I tried that, you’d find me wrapped around the stop sign or a tree at the bottom of the hill … seeing stars or floaters again, no doubt. 😛

  5. Oh that damned wall! It does seem to rise up from nowhere. The worst is when it’s on a blind curve and there’s no ducking or swerving to avoid it.

    Wrapped around a stop sign, yep, that pretty much describes my early efforts on wheels 🙂 Which reminds me of the idiocy of attempting to learn anything that includes humiliating wipe-outs in a small town were you live and too many people recognize just who it is that’s tied up in a gangly pile at the bottom of the hill.

    Uh oh, you mean those floaters aren’t the normal condition for eyeballs? I’ve been seeing them so much lately I thought maybe it was because they were supposed to be there 😦

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