Lucky 7


The always fabulous Tami Clayton has tagged me in the writing game, “The Lucky 7 Meme.”

Thanks Tami!

Lucky 7 Meme

These are the rules–because of course there are rules:

1. Go to page 77 of your current MS/WIP
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

So this is my pg.77, line 7 — next 7 lines, from the bajillionth draft of my current work in progress, a Mainstream Literary novel with some really long sentences:

Incredible!  There it is.  Right in front of her.
Her legs peddle fast and furious, twin beaters churning the air, ancient rubber tires slapping the uneven pavement in complaint, her insides rolling and crashing like waves as she closes the distance.  Someone is shouting—then a woman’s high-pitched wail—the hysterical squall going on and on until all at once obliterated by the approaching fire engines careened across town from the station several blocks away.  The steady bleat of sirens cracking open the night and swallowing every other sound.
Willa drops the bicycle on its side, not caring where it falls; her feet dragging lead as she moves closer, eyes wide and staring in an attempt to fully absorb this terrible thing she sees.


And now, quick, while they’re not looking, this is me tagging the next Lucky 7:

DB Smith

Sheri De Grom

Catherine Margaret Johnson

Richard Monro

Marian Pearson Stevens

SJ Driscoll

Helen McMullin

Okay, fellow scribes, show us your 77, 7, 7 😀  (Keep in mind, if your not up to page 77 and you still want to play, you can use page 7 for your 7 lines.)

21 thoughts on “Lucky 7

    • Thank you for stopping in for my run with Meme madness. (Really enjoyed yours, too!)

      Hee hee, if this would’ve been “Eightball in the side-pocket” rather than “Lucky 7”, there would be no mystery in my except, since the “something” is right there in line #8.

    • Another day like this one and it’ll be years — all afternoon and only two paragraphs 😦 I think my mind was still too pre-occupied from reading all the great Meme’s in circulation! Much appreciation of the writerly perk, Tami!

  1. What beautiful writing. If that is what is randomly there on page 77 then I wonder what it is all like. I’d love to read more of this Barbara. And thanks for tagging me, though I really don’t know what to put up since I write picture books and short poems. I’ll think of something.

    • Really truly thank you, Catherine! Oh yes, but I do hope you decide to treat us to some lines! Text from a picture book or poetry would be absolutely wonderful. (Oh, but how I long to be a poet, but alas, it is not my gift 😦

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