My Man Rocky

Have you ever considered what character, fictional or real, would most fit the role of a movie about your life?

No doubt it’s not an especially easy choice to make, and it would likely require a casting call of thousands to find a persona close enough to fit the gazillion nuances of quirk and personality that make you, you. But lets say we do manage to narrow it down just enough to produce your life on movie screen.  Who are you?
So yeah, I am Rocky, but of course you easily saw that coming.  It’s not like I didn’t give you any clues 😀
I’m crazy about Rocky.  The battered, bloody, but nevertheless triumphant Rocky, to be precise.  I love his story, yes, but even more so, I am Rocky

Am I suggesting that I don’t clearly enunciate when I speak, or that I have pecs of steel?  Um, well no, not exactly.  My love of Rocky goes far deeper than those super-pumped, stand-up-and-cheer, fight scenes.
For me, this valiant underdog best personifies my own knock-down, drag-out travails as a writer. High drama? Exaggeration? Not so much, because for anyone who has undertaken a similar journey of the heart, you know where this is coming from. It’s rough, sometimes hostile, often frustrating, and downright mean.  Yet, even then, stronger and far superior to the pummeling afforded by these exterior obstacles, are the true and far more durable strengths of hope, faith, belief, and yes absolutely, perseverance.Rocky’s story appeals on multiple levels. While nearly everyone who looks at him might see an ordinary, uninspiring, nondescript nobody, he nevertheless holds to his dream and keeps on standing tough when the blows of life – and later Apollo Creed – continue raining down.  It isn’t just that Rocky is a dreamer (dreamers after all are as common as fleas on a dog), it’s that he’s a dreamer with unshakable purpose, dedication, and a persistence strong enough to allow him to gulp down a daily tonic of raw eggs, pummel frozen beef carcases, and keep on standing when the blows come the hardest.

(Of equal note is the actual story of how Rocky creator, writer, and actor, Sylvester Stallone, held on against the power and $$$ of Hollywood to get his movie made with his vision intact. Inspiring in a BIG way!)

Yes, we start with a dream, but at the dawn of each day it’s all about staying the course and going the distance.

So who are you? Give us your character 🙂

15 thoughts on “My Man Rocky

  1. Oh oh oh- can I be Rocky, too (not II 😀 ) . . .

    Though sometimes I feel like ET — left on this planet while the others like me flew off and I’m discombobulated and strange and alien. lawd.

    love this!

  2. Love me some Rocky! I have the sound track for Rocky IV in my iPod right now 😉

    If I had to pick a character it would have to be Ellie from Contact. Or if I could choose a character I WANTED to be it would be Roy from Close Encounters of the Third Kind of perhaps Lindsey Brigman from the Abyss 😀

  3. I’d love to be played by Sandra Bullock… but that isn’t quite the question. My character is an amalgamation of characters played by Sandra Bullock. Gracie in Miss Congeniality, who doesn’t believe in her own sex appeal while no one else believes in her ability. She proves everyone wrong, including herself. Her character in Premonition–trying to make sense of the impossible when everyone around her thinks she is nuts (minus the dead husband part). Her character in The lake House, again, believing in the impossible and making the impossible come true. Kissing Keanu Reeves wouldn’t be so bad, either. And Annie from Speed, again, persevering against impossible odds. Oh, darn! Do I have to kiss Keanu again? All right, if I have to…

    • Agreed. Sandra is ultra cool. Gorgeous, smart, charming and not a sissy. (Are you listening, Jesse James — ya boob!) Bummer about having to go kissy-face with Keanu :-O (As if that scene in Speed isn’t one of the BEST screen kisses of all time!)

    • YES, YES!!! Bugs Bunny is the ultimate Was-k-wee Wabbit! Gosh, but I miss that rabbit. Not only did he have a great sense of humor, but so clever, too. And how many times I’ve heard a great piece of Classical music and realize I heard it on Bugs Bunny first 😀

  4. Cruella DeVille???? just kidding, seriously I’m so limited due to my not having grown up with TV and the last movie I saw was Gran Torino with my man Clint. Speaking of Clint, it wouldn’t be to bad to be him but trying to make the connection to him and I, well, that’s a no go. lol Okay, so maybe I own a gun, and I do like to take pictures, but that’s as far as I can stretch it. I think i get into enough trouble just being me!!!

  5. Yes! Perfect! Having a “Mame” attitude is such a fantastic way to jump into the grand adventure of life and barrel down the corridors. You’re gonna have a blast wearing your Mame hat, Patricia 😀

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