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Links, Links, Beautiful Links …

Although I’ve been on Twitter for a while now, I haven’t really BEEN on Twitter. The attraction is definitely there, but juggling social  media is a skill I’m still dragging around on the learning curve.  And so, if like me, you’re looking to get the most mileage for all your wise and wonderful tweets, you’ve gotta love these Hashtags for Writers, from Julie Jordan’s Blog, A Place for Writers.

Did someone say Pinterest? Yeah, lots of people actually. I admit I didn’t have much of a clue about what was going on with this, and I haven’t yet gotten around to pursuing an invitation (See above, I’m still getting my head into Hashtags!).  But,  GALLEYCAT, had the best information I’ve yet come across in an excellent post Pinterest Tips for Writers

Word is that if you’re considering uploading your masterpiece as a Kindle book, the automatic Kindle formatter shouldn’t necessarily be trusted. ( Although I don’t say this from personal experience, because I haven’t done it – yet.) Not that Amazon hasn’t made it easy, but apparently it doesn’t work quite as smoothly as it should. Not to worry, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, author of The Frugal Book Promoter, offered this helpful information on her blog this week, Learning More About Formatting for Kindle and New Features.

Although this isn’t a new-this-week post, it’s one of my favorites from Kristen Lamb. (Favorite, as in I read it time and again to remind  myself  what I’m doing.) So give yourself a gift and revisit this treasure of a post when you have a moment Aspiring is for pansies-Tough Love & Being a Writer

And quite possibly my favorite post of the week, is this one by author Kathrine Magendie: Monday Classroom: Strengthening our Manuscripts. Kats Picky Sh*t  .  Not only does Kat offer great editing advice for those of us in the process or remudding out words, but her presentation is just … well have a look, you’ll see what I mean.

That’s it for this week, but you know the drill, please don’t hesitate to share your own favorite links below 🙂


12 thoughts on “Linky Love Friday

  1. Hi Barbara *smiling* Love the blog! *stopping to “like” it*

    Thank you for linking to me – teehehee – I feel honored.

    And now I have some links to look through – yay! because I don’t have time to do all my linky love today – lawd! *chicken with its head cut off – and yes I have seen this and it scared me for life* 😀

    • Hey Kat. Oh shoot, if I’d of known you were coming by I would’ve cleaned the place up a bit 😀

      Not only did I love that post of your’s (Kat’s Picky S*it — too funny!), but I’ve been recalling every one of those S*itty grammer glitches you mentioned this week as I’m striving to edit the Ugly from my WIP.

      Oh yes, and thank you for “liking!”

  2. Barbara I really appreciated that Hashtag link thank you – I was after one of those just the other day. Interesting the WANA’s aren’t on it (yet).

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