Marathon of One

I like winning, but I’m not especially competitive.  And definitely not competitive with other writers. (No need to worry about me running up, and whacking you in the kneecaps with an iron pipe, in order to steal your pencil.) Yes, I’m running a marathon, and there’s a bajillion of us in the race, but winning for me isn’t breaking through the ribbon and claiming the prize. Because, honest and true,  I really, really, want all of us to win. There’s a truckload of trophies, so plenty to go around. (Although, there is that very big shiny one … and I’m curious just whose name is … )
Make no mistake,  I do think about winning.  A lot.  Because it’s essential.  Most days my race is a solo run through tunnel vision. And it’s claustrophobic in here.  So I make a point of keeping my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some days I sprint, and some days I lag behind, but the thing is, I never stop running. Not because I’m loathe to have someone pass me by, it’s more about keeping myself well-paced for the long haul.
It’s an unusual completion, in that it’s not necessarily the cheering section I meet along the route that allows me the necessary determination to stride longer, stretch farther. It’s the head shaking, dismissive, doubters that inspire me to crank it up a notch when fatigue threatens to slacken my rhythm.
And I don’t need or even aspire to be in first place. (Although gold makes for a lovely medal, and blue is such a beautiful color ribbon.) It’s about running the race and keeping pace in a marathon stretched across a lifetime.  For me, it’s a solo competition, but definitely a team effort.  And I really love running with you guys 🙂

14 thoughts on “Marathon of One

  1. Great post, Barabra! Running a marathon with you would make all the difference, The support you get from other people makes all the difference too. The finish line is the friends you make at the end.

    • Love the beautiful thought, Anna. And you’re so right. We all need our time alone here and there, but it’s truly the people we meet and take along on our journeys that make the victory party so spectacular!

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