Linky Love Friday

I visited some great places this week of whirlwind blog hopping, and gathered some of my favorite links to pass on.


*The Value of Publicity : Terrific, straight-up, and spot-on post by  successful author and wildly popular (for good reason) J.A. Konrath,  whose blog A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing is always a worthwhile stop.

*When do You Need to Secure Permissions : Absolutely “good to know” information from Jane Friedman that should prove handy to all of us hoping to avoid future litigation.

*Author Amanda Hocking on Self-Publishing: Deliciously interesting article at the Huffington Post about Amanda Hocking and how she REALLY feels about her remarkable fame.

*I’ve been  editing, rewriting, and remuddling my Frankenstein of a WIP for so long, that I’ve had serious concerns of late that by the time it’s ready for the final spit and polish I won’t remember how the pages are REALLY supposed to look. So when this post What Writers Need To Know About Formatting (FAQS), popped up on the Writer’s Digest site this week , it definitely felt like a touch of Divine Intervention.

*10 Bestselling Books with More Than 80 One-Star Reviews: This is my feel good post of the week from GalleyCat. Fun reading and something we all might want to keep in mind on the chance any of our own reviews get a touch of Ugly Dust from the Meanie Fairy!

*And simply because it made its shiny debut this week, I present my new Author Page, Barbara Forte Abate on Facebook.  A milestone that has me borrowing Sally Fields infamous acceptance speech at the Oscar’s several years ago, “You like me! You really really like me!” and reversing the words to, “I hope they LIKE me!  I hope they really really LIKE me.” 🙂

It’s fun to share, so please do!  What are your own great “link” discoveries this week?

When do you need Permissions,


12 thoughts on “Linky Love Friday

  1. The 10 Bestselling Books with More Than 80 One-Star Reviews link is worth the price of admission alone! As writer’s we need to keep things in perspective for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Cindy, I just loved this one a lot. It’s far too easy to get bummed and forget the reality, which is how unreasonable it is to think everyone will love what we do, (aka, those pages we pour all our blood, sweat, and tears into) but still, we always seem to focus on the ‘One’ Stars that land in our lives, even should there be ‘Sixty’ Five Stars.

  2. Like you, I read a whole bunch of blog posts this week, and while many were quite good, none come to mind as ‘the best’. That said, I’ll for sure check back with you on Fridays to get ideas for things I should check out. Thanks!

    • Sometimes there’s just too many terrific blogs to keep up with! I always love coming across something that answers a question that’s been on my mind, gets me thinking, or makes me laugh my silly old head off 😀

  3. I “Liked” your page and your new “home” is not so bad either Barbara.

    Of all the sites that I read the blog feed on my email the only one that comes to mind to share is my favorite author who lives up near Dallas on her 6 acre homestead.
    Maria Zannini is an avid gardener and has branched out into the raising of chicks to sell and she also has laying hens so this week she did a post updating a bit on what is going on with the homestead and included some questions for her followers to answer which was fun to read the comments from for me as always!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this link to a terrific blog, Jackie! (How cool would it be to have a chicken that lays Green Eggs!) I’m a wannabe farmer,so will really enjoy keeping track of this charming homestead 🙂 And thank you most sincerely for “Liking.”

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